Flora Plast

Developing Turkey's Pride Gürteks - TÜMSIAD Magazine 2015 - Issue 2 Interview

In 1989, Gaziantep 'I was born. Primary Gaziantep 'ta high school in Ankara while I completed my university studies in the Bilkent University and Fatih University, wrote in New York City, Manhattan, and Britain's foreign language in Bournemouth I completed my education. I have been teaching the now open. The first two years I completed the processing akilik thread in our facility. I married the meantime, I love my family love this job to positively reflected and "there is a woman behind every successful man" sentence marry you for sure with what you do next, I think that proves this, our investment now someone in the plastic 7 - 8 months operating in the export department of the company after making rotation we started late, but with the world, we also have plastic.
Encouraged by the increased number of us came into this industry, we are not following ways, it is not taken as an example to be followed have been difficult, we are working towards our goal of world brand branding brand Gaziantep Turkey brand. In a short time we wanted company. I always did whatever sector we enter, we observe that likes to play in the Champions League. Yarn and carpet are examples of the most beautiful. Hopefully there will be the same in this example plastic.
Our facilities with the latest technology machine with acrylic yarn, acrylic blended knitwear yarns, acrylic carpet yarn, fancy yarn, Kotonel, Dralon, PP version thread, PBT yarn, nylon yarn, polyester yarn as it has provided to customers by producing many kinds of yarn quality and service in the world It is located between the position of a certain brand. Total 5500 tan / month We produce yarn. Acrylic facility, also called a system of cogeneration, natural gas and energy efficiency We produce our own electricity.
In 2008, by logging onto the carpet and home textile sector non-slip sole bathroom started building plants with the capacity to annually 3,000,000 m² production to the production of carpets and in a short time the experience gained in this sector, has decided to convert to new investments.
In order to add a new link to the production of power in 2011 by a new investment decisions "FLORA CARPET" debuted in the carpet industry under the brand name. Flora again, all carpet yarn for the production of raw materials that it needs its own fabric has the only company to produce in its own budget.
Özkaya holding company located under the roof of someone who is 6 Gürteks Yarn. Ve Tic. Inc. ISO top 500 companies out of 303 found next to the place itself.
A total of 2500 we have worked, we export to 80 countries. We wrote our constitution on 01.01.2014 family and also have created a joint venture company constitution and the constitution. We pay much attention to a very important institutionalization and controlled growth.
Özkaya Holding the target of achieving success in the countries of the world is a world player, advancing step by step. The financial size of the ground gained by the company in the world, as well as various international organizations registered high reputation and recognition, are clear evidence of this. Current investment in the energy sector we turned our plastic and plastic together with our foreign target in the middle of 200 tons per day in the 25 megawatts of energy and Turkey made the horse one roof will be the largest energy system. Then our project is also located in the hospital.
You can earn a lot of money, but we need to drop the permanent works. Gürteks we help fund. Has been operating for 12 years, we have helped our family now 850, which the district office, the municipality, the place can not reach the governor. 286 We have one student. This gives us a spiritual pleasure. Hopefully we nasips the foundation project.
Patience, hard work, they must be innovative, you will get not given title. Unit supervisor should not be leading managers, to know better do a good job or something separate, something separate management.